Boost Efficiency and Recapture Lost Margin: How Timerack and Avionté Can Save Your Staffing Agency Thousands

Recorded October 17, 2023


According to data shared by the APA, the average staffing agency managing 200 employees will lose at least $26,000 annually due to manual timekeeping inefficiency and errors. Could you benefit from time automation? 

Discover the ultimate solution for time and labor management in the staffing industry with Timerack. Seamlessly integrated with Avionté, Timerack effortlessly streamlines your employee and placement data, ensuring precise and efficient time capture.

Stream our webinar to explore the features of Timerack:

  • Assignment Management: Easily record and report time against assignments, complete with accurate Pay and Bill Rates.

  • Time Capture Options: Say goodbye to inaccuracies and buddy punching with biometrics and a convenient mobile app.

  • Alerts & Scheduled Reports: Gain real-time visibility into your workforce with instant alerts and scheduled reports.


Scott Poeschl headshot-1

Scott Poeschl
VP of Avionté+, Avionté

John Hall headshot

John Hall
VP of Sales, Timerack

Gabby Dunn headshot

Gaby Dunn
Sales Engineer, Timerack

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