Meet SyncStream, Avionté+'s new ACA Compliance Partner

Recorded September 20, 2023


As an industry with a large turnover rate, an unconventional hour-to-dollar ratio, and a majority of employees working part-time, staffing agencies have a lot to take under consideration to determine whether they’re complying with ACA regulations. It’s not an easy task. 
Scott Poeschl, VP of Avionté+, will sit down with SyncStream's Stacy Barrow, Chief Legal Counsel, and Michelle Kershner, VP of Sales, to:
  • Reveal practices that are common to the staffing industry yet expose them to hefty IRS penalties
  • Explore how SyncStream's solution reduces staffing exposure risks
  • Explain how staffing companies should track employees' hours for ACA compliance
  • Highlight ACA requirements that are specific to staffing
Be prepared for 2023 ACA reporting with Avionté+ and SyncStream!


Stacy Barrow headshot

Stacy Barrow 
Chief Legal Counsel, SyncStream

Michelle Kershner headshot

Michelle M. Kershner
Vice President of Sales, SyncStream

Scott Poeschl

Scott Poeschl
VP of Avionté+, Avionté

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