Improve Your Onboarding Process: Faster & Easier

Talents Tasks Provide Flexibility to Suit Your Needs

Avionté's Paperless Mobile Onboarding provides a simple, easy way to engage, onboard and communicate with talent all the way from applicant to revenue-generating employee. With Talent Tasks from Avionté, you can capture the information you need to make a hiring decision at a time that maximizes your onboarding workflow. You can configure, manage and update your onboarding process with Talent Tasks when you want or need to!  This gives you full flexibility and control.

With Avionté Talent Tasks, you:

  • Can capture the information you need from talent at the right place in your onboarding process
  • Will improve your onboarding processes with a faster and easier way to collect information from talent
  • Be able to provide a seamless talent experience all the way through your process: from application to completing onboarding requests


Provide the Ultimate Candidate Experience

Give Talent the Experience They Expect

It's a candidate-centric market. We know that, which is why our Talent Module provides a streamlined, seamless experience for your talent. Here, they can log in to access Talent Tasks they need to complete as well as edit their profile information. With a simple to-do list of Talent Tasks, talent will be easily able to keep in touch with recruiters. This makes the process easier and better for them, making the process easier and better for you!

With Avionté Talent Module Profile Updating:

  • Talent is able to edit information on their own terms with access anywhere, anytime via any device
  • You get the most up-to-date information without having to spend extra time reaching out
  • Talent has a one-stop shop to keep up-to-date with onboarding requests and information


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Onboarding Integrations


As a part of Avionté's Paperless Mobile Onboarding solution, you can quickly determine the eligibility of your employees after a Federal I-9 is completed by your talent. 

With this integration, you can:

  • Streamline your onboarding process with quick employee eligibility checks
  • Ensure you keep a smooth onboarding process 
  • Have confidence you are in compliance with the laws

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Did you know that offering health benefits could increase worker retention by 47%? By using the Essential StaffCARE (ESC) integration, you can enroll employees directly through Avionté Paperless Mobile Onboarding.

With ESC, you can:

  • Simplify enrollment logistics all the way to payroll
  • Provide a seamless talent experience
  • Ensure no lost paperwork and no missing signatures

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