Personalize, optimize and automate each step of the talent journey with event-triggered workflows and two-way texting synced perfectly with Avionté data.  

Sense is the only talent engagement and communication platform built for staffingEffortlessly turbocharge recruiting, dramatically improve the candidate experience, lower contractor attrition and increase redeployment.  

Sense’s enterprise-ready integration with Avionté augments recruiter productivity by activating your data with the best of two powerful systems, together.  

 Use the Avionté + Sense integration to:  

  • Automattime-consuming employee check-ins, follow-ups and reminders 
  • Customize your outreach options with real-time email and two-way texting  
  • Create smart workflows using the data already in your Avionté database
  • Capture information in one place for clear, actionable analytics

 Say goodbye to: 

  • Ghosting 
  • High turnover rates
  • Manual, time-intensive follow-up 

Interested in seeing a video recording of the Avionté + Sense integration?