Introducing AviontéBOLD

The next generation of staffing & recruiting software

Staffing Reimagined. AviontéBOLD!


Introducing AviontéBOLD

AviontéBOLD combines the most powerful front and back office systems into a single, modern solution designed to help staffing professionals work more efficiently, place more talent and confidently grow their businesses.

From sourcing the perfect candidates to providing a delightful talent and client experience, AviontéBOLD is built to conquer staffing’s toughest challenges. 


The perfect amount of everything. CRM. ATS. Payroll. Billing. Sourcing. Job Boards.

Recruit Better With:

  • Advanced Candidate Search
  • Next Level Sourcing
  • Text Recruiting & Video Interviewing
  • Mass/Quick Assign
  • Personalized Job Boards

Sell More With:

  • Pipeline Management
  • Task & Activity Tracking
  • Comprehensive Sales Analytics
  • Custom Org Charts

Operate More Efficiently With: 

  • Personalized Dashboards
  • One Seamless Front-end to Back-end Solution
  • Accessible From Anywhere
  • Paperless Process From Talent Apply to Payroll
  • Robust Reporting & Business Intelligence
  • Electronically and Securely Prepare, Send and Sign Documents

Streamline Back Office With:

  • One Seamless Front-end to Back-end Solution
  • Paperless Employee Experience
  • Simplified Customer Experience
  • Company Performance and Efficiency Gains

AviontéBOLD is more than software; it’s about people, relationships and partnerships.

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