Are Your I-9's Ready for an ICE Audit?

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Recorded On: June 8th, 2021

Join the Maximus team as they answer your questions about the integrated electronic I-9 and E-Verify solution. 

Learn how to eliminate the hassle and liability of paper or free form electronic I-9's and how Maximus can help ensure adherence to USCIS mandates and their compliance review service. 

The staffing industry has seen a dramatic increase in audits and ICE scrutiny. Learn how organizations that incorporate the Maximus I-9 Compliance Service into their human resources processes benefit from accuracy assurance, audit readiness, and peace of mind. 

Specific, tangible benefits include the ability to: 

  • Meet federal compliance requirements and shows good faith to DHS
  • Mitigate risks and save money that goes back to the bottom line - not toward fines and penalties for being out of compliance
  • Receive documentation support from Maximus, which can be utilized in the event of a potential inspection
  • Receive re-verification of work authorization for employees
  • Gain access to an electronic storage repository for I-9 forms, allowing for rapid retrieval, a reduction in paper use, and prevention of lost documentation


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Kitty Leggieri

VP of Business Development and Solutions, Maximus
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Lee Fondiller

Director of I-9 Solutions, Maximus
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Kevin Haag

Sr. Manager - Business Development, Maximus